Tips for Buying Pre-Construction Home in Canada

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The right decisions in the Home buying can get you the home of your dreams, but the bad decision can take away the dream home away from you. Buying a Pre-construction home in Canada is not untouched by the risks involved in any kind of real estate buying. Buying a Pre-construction is much riskier because you buy an apartment without seeing it, touching it or walking through it. You can’t test the feeling of relaxing in the garden or the morning view for that matter. So, how do you make such a purchase? Well, here are some things to consider while a Pre-construction Home in Canada.

1.    The Offer Document

The offer document is not merely a piece of paper. It is something more important that what’s being said to you about the property. It contains all the necessary information, in written, that you need to know. It covers the tax information, special risks and other information related to the property. Any point that you didn’t understand in the offer document, you can always contact GG Real Estate Agents. Our skills and knowledge will make you understand every detail of the information. A call to us at the initial stage would save you time and money.

2.    Choosing the Right Developers

Once you have selected the property, now choose the developer/builder/constructor. How to do that? Keep in mind, that if the builder has a long list of happy customers, then your name will also be on that list. The point it, you will also be happy from his services. Here also, Galaxy Gate (GG) comes to help its clients. Our wide network of builders and pre-constructors is always available for our clients. You can choose from our authorized builders and constructors for your project.

3.    The Buying Phase

The pre-constructions are sold in waves of pricing or phases. And, if you make the purchase in the first phase, you can save a lot of cash. That’s why these tips are important so that you can make the decision of buying quickly. If you contact Galaxy Gate (GG), then we will make sure that you buy in the first phase.

4.    Quality of Material

Don’t just go after where ‘wooden material’ is written. The pre-construction buyer should know which wood will be used in the apartment. It is your duty as a buyer to ask for the details and quality of the material. GG Real Estate Agents and connected builders, pre-constructors make sure that best industry standards are followed and best quality is delivered to the clients.

5.    Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask any question about anything. Don’t feel that you will be judged. It’s your money and you have the right to know where it is going and what you are going to get in return. Ask about the plan, the view, the material, risk options, the changes can you make, the cost, the facilities, etc. there are a lot of questions to be sure of a pre-construction you are buying.

GG Real Estate Agents and connected builders, pre-constructors are ready to answer all the queries about pre-construction buying. We are just a call or an email away!


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