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When it comes to a complete brand that works across Canada in real estate business, GALAXY GATE® is the obvious choice for the most. Along with assisting in buying, selling or investing, we also purvey Pre-Construction and Custom Homes services in Ontario, Canada. So, when you contact GALAXY GATE® for your real estate projects, you don’t have to go anywhere else for any external resource or hire a third party. GALAXY GATE® is your one-stop solution for all your real estate investing needs.


Colonial Acres Homes

Colonial Acres Homes

Clair Hills Neighborhood House

Clair Hills Neighborhood House

With a new feather of Pre-Construction and Custom Home building services attached to GALAXY GATE® cap, GALAXY GATE® has left behind the competition and shining brightly. Choosing the right home builder is as important as choosing the right property. A good home builder can make your average property look great, but a bad home builder can make your great property look average. So, the care needed in choosing a property is needed while choosing a home builder also and if the home builder is licensed with good track record, half of the job is done. That’s why GALAXY GATE® is here to connect you with the Home Builder you need. You can always ask our home builders for a quote for your pre-construction and custom home building projects.

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 GALAXY GATE® has a strong network of authorized builders and home constructors.


  1. All the home builders that are linked with GALAXY GATE® are well reputed and have been serving in Canada for quite a long time.
  2. The home builders that work with GALAXY GATE® follow flexible approach. They look into the client’s requirement, see what’s in trend and apt for the client, apply the changes in the plan accordingly and make the final call only when they and the client come on the same page.
  3. Proven track record is another asset of our home builders. You can check each and every home builder’s previous work.
  4. GALAXY GATE® doesn’t work with unlicensed builders. So, when you contact us, you will be working with a licensed home builder.
  5. Home Builders with GALAXY GATE® don’t keep any hidden costs. We are very clear with the budget and estimates.
  6. Whether it is a fresh build or a custom work on an older home, we are ready for all kinds of jobs.
Waterloo, Ontario


Qualities GALAXY GATE® Custom Home Builders have…

Custom home building experience

Neighborhood Knowledge

Superior Awareness of Building Systems

Work with the client as a partner

Get good reviews from the previous clients

Know the importance of communication with client at each step

Member of Builder’s association

Galaxy Gate Real Estate Canada

Galaxy Gate Real Estate Canada