Waterloo Real Estate

Waterloo Real Estate

Where to Invest in Canada: Invest in Real Estate Canada and make it a major part of your investment portfolio. Canada has few large real estate markets where real estate investment is ideal for short and long term gains. Ontario is one of the provinces of Canada and has 20% of towns and cities where real estate investment has gained by 10%-15% year over year. This 20 % of areas are excellent for long-term growth as well as short term real estate investment. These areas are essentially hot real estate markets to invest in real estate Canada.

International Investors: Invest in Real Estate Canada as an international investor. The Canadian real estate market is stable, politically strong, neutral foreign policy and Canadian dollar a strong derivative for International Investors. GALAXY GATE® has assisted international buyers from various countries to Invest in Real Estate Canada and manage their portfolio. Currently, we are assisting clients from India, Middle-East, Europe and China.
Political Stability: Liberals won the federal elections on October 19th, 2015. Justin Trudeau is Canada’s prime minister after leading the Liberal Party to a stunning majority government win of 184 seats. The centerpiece of the Liberals’ economic plan is a pledge to fund up to $5-billion a year in additional infrastructure spending. GALAXY GATE® welcomes the change for clients as the economic policy welcomes growth within the country and boosts the confidence of international investors.
Invest in New Construction: The 20% of areas increasing in value and showing projections of steady raise are also needing more new construction of residential homes and infrastructure. The New Housing Price Index
increased 1.5% over the 12-month period and was the largest year-over-year increase at the national level since December 2014. The new home construction and condo market are somewhere a Canadian or international investor should focus as real estate market trends are showing great capitalization rates.
Rental Property Portfolio Small to Mid-Size: The rental market in Canada in real estate also is strong as prices are increasing from 7% to 12% year-over-year in the hot real estate markets. Invest in real estate Canada and build a rental property portfolio. GALAXY GATE® has helped many investors seeking a rental income. Many investments purchased are for long-term gains and the best way to allocate property expenses and build a strong portfolio is to lease the investments to qualified tenants. If you are starting to invest in real estate we can help with knowledge and training and purchases and sale of the real estate investments.
Residential Luxury Homes: Many investors are focusing on purchasing multi-million dollar homes as the market is currently gaining strength. The real estate luxury home segment is gaining more activity as many international investors choose to purchase a larger property. Properties ranging from $3,000,000 to $10,000,000 are unique in Canada and when they come on sale, buyers are quite drawn to them. Therefore, as a seller of these properties, the returns are no complaints.

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