Eastbridge Street View

East Bridge

Is on the northeast of Waterloo built on Grand River having a lot for its community to have. It’s a nice place to live in because uptown Waterloo is just miles away and having recreational facilities like parks, golf course, walking trail, soccer field etc. and it is in close proximity of Conestoga mall and Conestoga parkway. A number of schools are also there for the educational purpose.


Homes in east bridge having modern facilities and offering comfortable life because of easy access to shops and restaurants of Conestoga mall. Mostly homes are two story with finished basement and having active association to support their community.



Rim Park is located at 2001 University Ave. E. this 500 acre facility provide their resident with number of amenities like golf course, green lab, outdoor sport facility, restaurants, trails etc. this is the place where annually number of events are organized like national/ international sports events, job fair, art show, seminars, conferences, parties etc.


Golf Course

Most popular golf course for the east bridge community is grey Silico Golf Club offering 18 holes for golfers. It also has outdoor practice area like grass hitting station, target green, Practice green, short game area. Private and group lessons with video analysis is available.


Neighborhood Association

Organize various events to bring neighbors of community together that ranges from Halloween parties, to amazing race, to community garage sale.


Upcoming Event

Community garage sale on Saturday, September 10, 2016. There will be items for sale from church, member or friends.


For the educational purposes there are different schools in the boundaries. Schools in East Bridge are Lester B Pearson public school, St. Luke Catholic School and Millen Woods Public School. High schools include Bluevale Collegiate Institute and St. David Catholic Secondary School. Blue vale Collegiate Institute rank 1st out of 6 and having all the amenities necessary for students.