Columbia Forest

Columbia Forest Street View


On the west side of Waterloo there is a neighborhood of friendly neighbors, recreational facilities, forest, lakes, schools, libraries shopping area and having great options for business named Columbia forest. Here annual functions and festivals also arranged making it a diverse and stable community. It attract people after development of boardwalk to bring restaurants, shops to Columbia forest.


Columbia forest have four local universities and schools have innovation in technology and business that causes slightly increase in family income than the other regions of Ontario. Different universities and high tech business are in close proximity of Columbia Street that is owned by young family working in high tech sector.


Homes in this area are furnished and have all the facilities that people want in their houses. These homes ranges from two bedroom hometown to 3,500 sq. ft. estate homes surrounding by green spaces.


Winterloo (ice dogs)

Is an annual event organize every year. For 12 years winterloo is a family friendly amiable event that include wide range of activities for families and children. It include winter-themed events like dog sled rides, ice
sculpture, arts and craft display, there’s something to enjoy every year that attract everyone to winterloo.


Sun Life Financial Jazz Festival

Is a 3 day free music festival arrange annually, encourage each genre of jazz and bring almost 35,000 people each summer to enjoy it. They announce Julian van mossel-forrester to be their artist in residence “connecting with people and celebrating life-that is what my art is about” (Julian van mossel forrester).


Laurel Creek Conservation Area

It is on the western border of Columbia forest offering a great place to visitors and residents to stroll on. It has activities like swimming, wind-surfing, hiking. “the park is not that large, but it is great for taking out a kayak for a few hours without having a long drive to get out of a city” (Kate).


Grand River Transit

It is a public transport operator for the region of Waterloo and provide bus services between Columbia forest and university of Waterloo. It also operates mobility plus service for those who need assistance like those who are on wheel chair and elderly.



There are school and high schools offering education that excel them in their academic achievements and other activities. Schools are St. Nicholas catholic school, Abraham Erb public school, Edna staebler public school. St Nicholas rank 6 out of 27. Two high schools are sir john MacDonald secondary school and resurrection catholic secondary school.